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07/27/14 Workout Recap

Had fun with a little Mid-D workout today.  Remember, the "EZ" pieces are meant to truly be EZ recovery swims; the "FAST" needs to be all-out effort!!

All Levels

w/u: 300 mix of swim/kick/drill/pull

PS: 6 x 75 @ :10sR
Odds - Kick w/ board
Evens - Sailboat
** Sailboat - Hold a kick board between your thighs. Make sure 1/2 of the board is sticking below your body when you swim freestyle. Use your core muscles to control your hip rotation (while the board tries to prevent rotation). 

MS: Mid-D Ladder Mix-up @ :15sR; GO UP the ladder and then BACK DOWN

200 Free
250 Lengths 4 & 8 FAST Non-Free
300 Pull
350 - Free, Alternate 50 FAST/50 EZ

c/d: 100 choice