There once was a woman in a pool with a dream...

Northern Kentucky Swordfish Masters (NKSM)  is a USMS-registered swim team currently practicing at Silverlake "The Family Place" in Erlanger, KY.  We are a start-up team created by Coach Loretta Race in December 2013. Loretta is a USMS/ASCA-certified Coach who also competes alongside her swimmers.  Loretta is also a Senior Writer for the world's most popular swimming content site.  

Our workouts are primarily sprint-based and range in intensity and distance based on ability, swimmer time availability, and the focus of the particular workout.  We incorporate the latest stroke techniques, training methodologies, and available training tools into our practices to keep workouts fresh and varied.  NKSM also believes in incorporating Dryland activities into workouts on a periodic basis.  Coach Loretta writes each workout with an overall Season Plan in mind and workouts are scaled to be inclusive of all swimming abilities. We accommodate competitive and fitness swimmers alike, in addition to triathletes.

We are always looking for new members!  Contact us at to arrange for a trial week at practice.

*All NKSM swimmers must be USMS-registered members, but we can help you get set-up!