NKSM Swimmer Spotlight - Alex Tipton

The Northern Kentucky Swordfish Masters team at Silverlake is so blessed to be comprised of such unique, gracious, and hard-working swimmers.  Each of us has something wonderful to offer to the team both in and out of the pool  To highlight, we'll be placing one of our swimmers under the "spotlight" every few weeks in order to dig deeper into him/her as a person and as an athlete.  First up, ALEX TIPTON!!

 - Brief swimming background?  I started swimming competitively when I was five because I was bored while watching my older brother's swim practices. I swam for South Dearborn Swimming as my age group team and transferred to a bigger high school with a swim team so that I could be more competitive in college recruiting. I ended up swimming for the University of Evansville where I met my husband, Brad. After graduating I got to spend a year coaching for the University as well. 

 - How did you get into Masters?  After moving back to the Cincy area I was doing a lot of crossfit, but I still missed swimming so we started looking around and found the Swordfish. 

 - Favorite part of Masters?  I've been around a lot of masters' teams that focus on solely on yardage so I was very pleased to find a program that understands the importance of intensity. 

 - How do you get pumped for races?  I like to stay loose and relaxed before races so I usually keep the headphones off and focus on the meet in front of me. 

 - What do you do for fun?  I love hiking with our two dogs, Chance and Remus, and Goodwilling, but eating is probably my favorite. 

 - Favorite "professional" swimmer, current or past?  I spent most of my childhood with a pretty big crush on Aaron Peirsol. 

 - Favorite movie, band, TV show?
Movie: Little Miss Sunshine and Happy Gilmore 
Band: Matchbox 20
TV Show: The Office, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Golden Girls

 - Advice for anyone thinking of joining Masters?  Do it. 

Posted on October 27, 2014 .