Note that there is a NEW Breaststroke Pullout Rule that is effective IMMEDIATELY for USMS swimmers.  The verbiage change is as follows:

101.2.3 Kick—After the start and after each turn, at any time prior to the first 
breaststroke kick, a single butterfly (dolphin) kick is permitted, following which, all 
movements of the legs shall be simultaneous and in the same horizontal plane without 
alternating movement.

Essentially, this means that you can now choose to perform your SINGLE dolphin kick at ANY time during the pullout; it does not have to be immediately after hand separation.  So, for you, this may mean....NOTHING.  You may choose to not alter anything with your pullout.  OR, you may wish to experiment different timing options of the dolphin kick to determine which sequence gives your individual pullout the most power.

Link to specific verbiage of the new rule is found here.


Posted on December 11, 2014 .