Freestyle Technique Tips - Emulating Adrian

All - I believe I posted this previously, but please take the time to watch the entire freestyle technique video linked below.  Speedo does a terrific job with all of the stroke break-downs with top athletes on YouTube; I've only just included Nathan Adrian's freestyle STROKE here.

Nathan Adrian Freestyle       

No matter how many times I've watched world-class athletes, I always end up learning something I can try to apply to my own training.  In this particular video, I was focusing on Nathan's recovery - his elbow is first to exit the water, he leads the recovery with his shoulder, and his armpit CLEARS the water during the recovery.  Each of these results in a high elbow both out of the water and in the water.  Definitely worth emulating in our own freestyle to help make our stroke as efficient as possible.  I'm all for that!

**TEAM CONTEST** - tomorrow at practice (Thursday), be the first to tell Coach Retta something YOU picked up from watching Nathan Adrian's Speedo video.