01/29/15 - Lights Out 25s; Remember to REST

Remember that, when performing max out sets, you must take advantage of all the rest that is given to you so that your efforts are truly 100%. If you short-change yourself and do not rest properly in between efforts, then your capacity to perform will simply decrease as the set proceeds.  **Enjoy your rest and know that it is built into the set for a reason.

All Levels
w/u: 12 minutes CHOICE

PS: 5 x 100 swim aerobic @ 1:25 OR 1:30 OR 1:40 OR 1:50

**Level 2 perform TWO ROUNDS

3 X 100 kick (fins optional) @ 1:45 OR 1:55 OR 2:05 OR 2:15
4 x 25 FAST SPRINT off the blocks @ MAX REST
100 EZ


Add on any cool down that you need

Posted on January 29, 2015 .