10/15/15 Workout Recap - Contrast Drills/Fin Speed

One of my favorite sites for reviewing drills n' skills is Glenn Mills' "GoSwim.tv". I have a membership, which allows me to view some exclusive content, but the site also has some free videos that you can check out without having to sign-up.  This week I came upon what he calls "contrast drills", which is essentially doing something the wrong way on purpose, so that when you do it oppositely (the right way), you can tell for sure what a movement is supposed to feel like.  We incorporated the drills into our pre-set today and it was really interesting, actually.  For example, the head up drill (NOT head out of water/Tarzan drill) made me personally realize that it wasn't that much different than when I normally swim.....which means that I obviously swim with my head too high!  It's something that I was fairly sure needed work, but doing it wrong vs. right really drove home the point.

Try it out for yourself and leave your results in the comments!

10/15/15 - All Levels
w/u: 500 freestyle with every 4th length stroke

PS: 12 x 50 @ :10sR
1, 2 - Contrast - Exaggerated cross-over
3, 4 - The Right Way - free focusing on “11 and 1” entry
5, 6 - Contrast - Exaggerated head-up
7, 8 - The Right Way - free focusing on looking at bottom of pool
9, 10 - Contrast - Deeeeeep shoulder roll, exaggerated rotatoin
11, 12 - The Right Way - forward rotation, no deep shoulders

MS: Fins & Snorkels, each at :20sR; in 1st set all 50K are FAST, in 2nd set all 50SW are FAST
50K, 50SW
50K, 100SW
50K, 150SW
50K, 200SW

*Masters Minute*

50K, 50SW
100K, 50SW
150K, 50SW
200K, 50SW 

*Masters Minute*