10/17/15 Workout Recap

We started off with some drills for technique focus, then moved on to the power portion of the workout. Swim on the 50s should be moderate, but put POWER into the streamlined jumps, wall kicking, etc. before enjoying a :15 second-rest.  With the 12.5's, these should be NO BREATH, ALL-OUT BURSTS OF SPEED AND POWER. Make the most of your gear and note the stark contrast when going from gear, to no gear, back to gear - that was my biggest take-away when doing this workout; how my body adjusted to swimming with no gear.

Enjoy the POWER UP!

10/17/15- All Levels
w/u: 500 choice w/ every 4th length stroke/scull/kick/etc.

16 x 25 @ :30/:35
4 fly as 1-3 one up/three down; 4th swim
4 back as 1-3 3-6-3; 4th swim
4 breast as 1-3 one up/three down; 4th swim
4 free as 3-6-3; 4th swim

MS1: 12 x 50 free @ :15sR
5 streamlined jumps OR :30s plank OR 5 wall pull-ups OR :30s wall kick AFTER each 50

MS2: 48 x 12.5 @ :20/:25
12 Paddles
12 Fins
12 No equip
12 Padds & Fins