11/17/15 Workout Recap - Post-Meet Fin Work

Congratulations to all NKSM swimmers who swam brilliantly over the weekend at Miami.  Best times were clocked and fun times were had by all.  Can't wait for us all to go to Mason on January 24th. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!

Here's today's workout.  Did something a little different for the pre-set, which made people turn their brains on early in the morning.  Note how far you get on each "50 cycles" and try to get further each time - whether it be by DPS, kicking, stronger pushes off the walls, etc.

w/u: 10 min choice

PS: 6 x "50 stroke cycles" @ :15sR
 - Every time your right arm enters water, that is a stroke cycle.  Swim for 50 stroke cycles, trying to achieve a longer distance each time.

MS1: 12 x 75 w/ FINS @ 1:05 OR 1:15
- first 6 are kick/swim/kick by 25 w/ middle 25 ALL OUT
- second 6 are swim/kick/swim by 25 w/ middle 25 ALL OUT

MS2: 3 x 200 buoy only @ 2:45 OR 3:15 OR 3:30


Posted on November 17, 2015 .