03/19/15 Workout Recap - Meet Preparation

03/19/15 - **MEET PREPARATION**
w/u: 15 minutes CHOICE

**Practice Static Starts**
Track Start vs. Traditional Start
Grab the block and use it as propulsion; Drive with the legs
Look Down or Slightly Back
Forward knee over toes/hips over heels
LEAN forward
Throw Arms & Head Forward
*Experiment with different foot in front, track vs. traditional, etc.
*Practice at least 5 starts with FAST breakout.
*Remember, you may need to tighten your goggles prior to practicing.

**Practice Relay Starts/Endless Relays**

10 x Two-Wall 50s @ 1:00 OR 1:10 OR 1:20 OR :15sR
- start in middle of the pool to include both walls in the 50
Change up strokes, IM, etc.
Sharpen up streamline, strokes into the wall for backstroke, lengthening breaststroke pullout, etc.

10 x 100s BROKEN @ 1:25 OR 1:45 OR 2:00 OR :15sR
35y RACE PACE (25y into 1st turn), then smooth (NOT easy) the remaining 65y

c/d: 100 EZ

Posted on March 22, 2015 .