03/03/15 Workout Recap - Inspired by Eddie Reese

With the Big 12 college conference's swim championships having been completed this past weekend, there was no denying that the University of Texas men's swimmers were THE KINGS of the pool in the butterfly events.  Just search on "Big 12" on swimswam.com and review all of the recap articles highlighting Jack Conger and Joseph Schooling - completely unbelievable swims.

But, what WE, as masters swimmers, can glean from their performance, is adopting some of their training methodology into OUR workouts.  In a swimswam interview, Legendary Texas coach Eddie Reese stressed the importance of dolphin kicking and how CRUCIAL it is for every stroke. He explained how his team performs a set of 30 x 25 of dolphin kicking EVERY practice.  THAT is how important it is.

So, for us, we incorporate kicking regularly, but haven't done a full-on dolphin kick set in a while.  Today's workout included that dynamic; get comfortable being uncomfortable, as we'll be incorporating this more and more into our team sessions.


03/03/15 - ALL LEVELS
w/u: 300 swim as 50 free + 25 backstroke, repeat 4 times
       200 IM drill

PS: 10 x 50 @ :15sR
:30 vertical kicking PRIOR to each 50, then in-water start to a 50 build
choice of stroke

MS1: 20 x 25 Dolphin Kick Medley @ :25 OR :30 OR :35
Fins optional
Can be with board on belly, underwater on back, underwater on belly, on side, but MUST be dolphin kick ONLY
**Take note of ballpark average time**

100 EZ

5 x 100 freestyle, stroke or IM @ 2:30 OR 3:00
**MUST hit RACE PACE + 10 sec for EACH 100

c/d: 200 EZ

Posted on March 4, 2015 .