04/28/15 Workout Recap - Sprint OR Mid-D; YOU DECIDE

After a speed-infused pre-set (PS), I gave the swimmers an option of either a sprint-based main set, or a mid-D main set.  The majority performed the mid-D, but I did have some speedsters who couldn't wait to launch themselves off the blocks.  

SPRINT NOTE - originally, I had THREE rounds of the sprint main set (MS), but that turned out to be too much - both from a time perspective, but more importantly from an effort standpoint.  Swimmers absolutely gave the repeats their absolute "all" and two rounds was most definitely enough.

MID-D NOTE - "this ain't no picnic" was a quote given by one of the swimmers who chose this route, as each distance incorporated some play on speed or changing of gears as athletes went along the set.  Definitely make sure you hold yourself accountable on this set - with no set intervals, it's up to you to get the most out of each swim.

04/28/25 - Levels 3 & 4
w/u: 12 minutes CHOICE

9 x 50 Kick w/ FINS @ :50/:55/:60/:10sR
**Every 3rd is ALL OUT**

10 x 25 @ :10sR
swim freestyle to middle of pool, then fast turn and end up on back - Streamlined FLY KICK on back to starting wall

MS: Choice of Mid-Distance or Sprint
SPRINT OPTION: 2 rounds of the following:

5 x 50 FROM BLOCKS: 25 SPRINT off block + 25 WAAAAAY EZ @ 1:00 rest
3 x 100 freestyle (des 1-3) @ 1:25 OR 1:35 OR 1:45

MID-D OPTION: 1 round of the following:

400 freestyle @ :30sR (desc 1-4, so last 100 is fastest)
300 freestyle @ :20sR (build within each 100)
200 freestyle @ :15sR (middle 100 is FAST)
2 x 100 freestyle @ :10sR (25 FAST/25 EZ)
5 x 50 freestyle @ :10sR (build)

c/d: 200 pull

Posted on April 28, 2015 .