05/05/15 Workout Recap - "Last Man Standing"

Ok, quick reminder on how the "Last Man Standing" works...be sure you drop :01 from your INTERVAL, NOT from the last send-off.  At first, swimmers thought this meant go on the top, then :59, then :58, etc.  NOPE :) It means, go on the 1:00, then the :59, then the :57, :54, :48, etc. Yes, hard to calculate, so it was waaaaaay easier having me yell out the send-offs.  If you're doing this on your own, just write out the send-offs ahead of time and keep them poolside. 

05/04/15 - All Levels
w/u: 300 swim as 3 x [25 3-6-3 Drill + 75 Free]
         3 x 100 @ 50 Back/50 Breast @ :10sR

PS: 4 x 100 IM Drill w/ rotating fast swim @ :20sR
ex - FLY is FAST on 1st, followed by drill back/br/free; Start 2nd one with Fly drill, followed by BACK is FAST and drill br/free, etc.

MS1: 7 x 100 @ :20sR
25 RUN & DIVE LIGHTS OUT!!! (or wall dive or push) + 75 EEEEAAASSSSYYYY

MS2: “Last Man Standing” 30 x 50 @ 1:00 - drop :01 FROM INTERVAL after every 50
*Go as low as you can go and still make the interval, even if it’s touch and go
*Can change up stroke as long as you can make interval

c/d: 200 mix of double-arm backstroke, streamlined kicking, underwater freestyle, free

Posted on May 6, 2015 .