06/16/15 Workout Recap - Playing w/ Entry

Partner pulling is a fun way to get a workout started, with swimmers hanging on to their partners' ankles while the lead swimmer pulls away.  We don't use paddles for this particular set.  Then, in the MS1, folks tried out with obnoxiously wide hand entry and slowly inched toward what I call their "sweet spot" to finish out the 50m.  So many swimmers THINK they are entering at shoulder width (11 o'clock/1 o'lock), which for MOST people is the key entry position for free and fly.  But, it's not until they play around with hand entry that they can realize that what "feels" wide and what "is" wide are two totally different things.  Remember, do NOT cross over the center line.  If you begin your freestyle stroke too narrowly, for example, you most likely with either 1) waste time and energy doing an outward sweep to position your hand for high elbow catch (what remains of it, anyway) or 2) will end up pulling beneath your body, which has a huge drag quotient.  


06/16/15 - Levels 3 & 4 - LCM 

w/u: 400 Kick/Swim/Drill/Swim by 50

PS: 8 x 50 Partner Pulls @ :10sR - SWITCH POSITIONS AT 25m 

MS1: Playing with hand entry/forearm

8 x 50 @ :55/1:05/1:10
 - Evens: FISTS
 - Odds: WIDE ENTRY - For 1st 25m, start out 50 SUPER WIDE entry, then narrow inward until “sweet spot”; use that entry width on final 25m

MS2: 3 Rounds of the following:
             [3 x 100 swim (free or IM) 1:35 OR 1:45 OR 1:55 OR 2:10
               4 x 50 (Free or stroke Desc. 1-4) @ :55/1:05/1:15] 

C/D: 200 Mix of Breast/Back/Free

Posted on June 16, 2015 .