06/09/15 Workout Recap - LCM Acclimation Continues

Coach Retta is back from vacation - missed you guys!!  Today's workout was LCM, as will all Tuesday/Thursday practices from now through mid-August.  Since we're still getting into the LCM groove, the next few practices will help us transition from SCY to this longer, more aerobic distance.  BUT, we certainly will not be sacrificing our signature sprinting component along the way.  Below, we alternated some fast and EZ swimming within 50s in our pre-sent, then moved on to some breathing work in the 300s, before finishing up with some IM sprint-75s.  Again, be sure to start via a tread (when applicable) in the 75s, as this helps in the overall conditioning to LCM - go for it today!

06/09/15 - Coach Retta is back!!!
*Long Course Acclimation Continues This Week

w/u: 200 freestyle with focus on *shoulder width* entry; PAUSE and look at stroke entry point
        200 as 25 feet-first scull/25 breaststroke or backstroke
        100 as freestyle with kickboard as buoy; HIGH HIPS!!

PS: 10 x 50 Choice @ 1:05 OR 1:15 OR :10sR
*as 25 FAST + 25 EZ

MS1: 2 x 300 @ :15sR, each 300 as follows:
100 freestyle breathe every 3 
50 backstroke
100 freestyle breathe every 5
50 backstroke

MS2: 12 x 75 @ 1:30 OR 1:40 OR 1:45 OR :10sR
50 build freestyle w/ WALL FINISH + :05sR, then 25 SPRINT (IMO)...**start mid-pool 75s from tread

c/d: 100 EZ

Posted on June 9, 2015 .