07/09/15 & 07/11/15 Workout Recaps - POWER WORK

Be careful on the 07/09 workout - if you're doing LCM vs SCY, you may end up on the opposite side as your pull equipment...just something of which to be aware before you start the 'ladder set'.

As for 07/11 (today's) workout, I swam with the team and it was a powerful workout!  The sets below were a combination from a few other coaches' workouts I've read in the past, but cannot remember specifically to whom they belonged.  Swimmers really liked the "Thunder 15s", where you started out with floating into an in-water turn then race pace....took a lot of oomph to get going in the beginning, which taps into your fast-twitch muscles big-time! The broken 200s really became challenging (at least for my lane) on the 25s; we ended up making our overall cycle by just only 5 seconds or so, but we did it! :)

07/11/15 - All Levels; Power Work
300 swim choice - every 4th 25 DOLPHIN DIVES
5 x 50 Kick @ :10sR - on the angle, use snorkel

12 x 25 @ :30 OR :35 OR :40
**Build from wall to just before opposite flags, then immediate streamline into your finish.

100 as ½ scull and ½ choice swim; EZ

12 x Thunder 15y @ on Coach Command
**Start facing opposite wall, flat under flags.  On “GO” arc to immediate flip turn, swim into wall at race-pace turn/ALL OUT to 15y.

100 as ½ scull and ½ choice swim; EZ

MS: 2 Rounds of the following:
4 x 200 freestyle @ base interval + :20
**So if your repeat is typically 2:45, you’d do these on 3:05

#1 - straight through
#2 - broken at 100 for :15sR
#3 - broken at each 50 for :10sR
#4 - broken at each 25 for :05sR

c/d: 100 EZ

07/09/15 - All Levels; LCM

w/u: 300 mix

Kickboard Wars (:30 on/:10off) x 10

Conveyor Belt Turns

MS: Mid-D Ladder Mix-up @ :15sR
*Level 2 Omit the 350 Free and the 300 Every 4th Length non-free

200 Free
250 Every 4th Length Non-Free
300 Pull
350 Free, Alternate 50 FAST/50 EZ 
300 Every 4th Length Non-Free
250 Pull
200 Alternate Free/Non-Free by 25

c/d: 100 choice

Posted on July 11, 2015 .