07/18/15 Workout Recap - Keep Going 100s

Swam with the team this morning, so I can personally attest that this was a fun workout! The drills are meant to be for technique, not speed, so DON'T RUSH those.  In my mind, with the fly drill having extra kicks, I felt like I was channeling Japan's Yajima Yuya, 200m butterfly silver medalist at this year's World University Games.  Take a look at this video, which shows how Yajima extends his underwater work throughout his 2fly, instead of quickly pulling back after the initial entry. A little odd in today's technical spectrum, but works for him. 

With the 100s, just have fun with them!  I swam backstroke - an OFF, OFF, WAY OFF stroke for me - for the first 6, for example; then I changed to streamlined fly kicking on my back with fins for the 2nd 6, etc. Others swam the whole thing freestyle.  For any swimmer who wasn't able to make the send-off, he/she simply began cooling down and completed their practice.


07/18/15 - All Levels

w/u: 3 x [100 swim + 50 scull FEET FIRST]
       4 x 50 Flutter Kick PRONE, WITH BUOY OUT IN FRONT

PS: 12 x 50, EACH AT :10sR, as follows:
#1-3 - 3-1 FLY: 3 undulations, followed by 1 pull 

#4-6 - 3-6-3 BACK: 6 kicks on one side, 3 arm strokes, 6 strokes on other side. Focus on keeping head steady as rotate to the other side.

#7-9 - 1 Up/2 Down Breast - 1 breaststroke pull/kick, maintain streamline for 2 additional kicks (focus on high heels)

#10-12 - FREE as 3 Strokes up/3 strokes down for ENTIRE 50 

MS: Descending 100s by :05s
-Everyone starts with 2 x 100 @ 2:00, then interval drops by :05 after every TWO.
- **Optional 1-minute rest after every 6 x 100
- You can use whatever equipment you need to keep hitting the interval as it drops.  In the beginning, when you have more rest, challenge yourself - do an “off” stroke, do kick or alternate 25 FAST/25 EZ within the 100, just as examples.
- Even if it’s *touch & go* that counts as “making it”

Posted on July 18, 2015 .