07/21/15 & 07/23/15 Workout Recap - Lactate Set & Changeup 50s

07/23/15 - All Levels LCM
w/u: 12 minutes choice

PS1: 10 x 50 @ :15sR
Odds: 4 strokes freestyle, then dive underwater into streamline for 4-6 kicks - come up for air and repeat
Evens: Freestyle - emphasize rotation to EACH side, not just breathing side
*Level 2 perform 8 of these

PS2: 10 x 50 @ :15sR
Odds: Partner pull/switch halfway down
Evens: Non-Freestyle
*Level 2 perform 8 of these

MS: 4 x 200 freestyle with fins (opt), descend by 50 @ :20sR
*Level 2 perform 3 of these

c/d: 100 EZ

Tuesday's main set was 7 x 50m choice off the blocks on 5:00 each.  Swimmers really gave these their all and met race pace on a few, which was the goal.  For Masters, it is even more important to practice racing off the blocks simply because it is a different action than we do in anything else.  A lot of "block anxiety" can be eliminated or at least severely reduced if the simple act of diving can be incorporated into practices on a regular basis.

Posted on July 23, 2015 .