07/07/15 Workout Recap - IM & Speedwork

We had a little fun with a sculling "drill" early in the practice, where the swimmers situated themselves back-to-back, legs into chest, and engaged in sculling wars.  This is something I picked up from French swimmer Greg Mallet from when he was training with SwimMAC Elite. Cool, fun and makes you think about water dispersement.  Remember, with all swimming, your goal is to move/disperse the water in the opposite direction you want to go.  That is why the immediate pull back as opposed to an "S" shape is so effective in freestyle.  Pulling straight back with your forearm as a paddle is the most effective method of pushing water behind you, thus launching your body forward.  

So, think about how you can disperse water in the most efficient way throughout this workout. Especially when you are getting into the multiple sprint scenarios.  It is so easy to let your catch slip, to not focus on early vertical forearm and to drag your legs when you're tired.  Just keep in mind that, any time you do those things, you are building bad muscle memories.  Keep the integrity of your stroke intact at all times; maintaining form while swimming fast WILL get more natural the more you do it.

07/07/15 - All Levels; LCM
w/u: 200 swim + 200 slow rotisserie kick w/ FINS
        Sculling Wars: 30 sec on/10 sec off; repeat 5 times

3 x 50 Fly** @ 1:00 OR 1:15 OR :10sR
**if your stroke deteriorates, switch to freestyle for remainder

2 x 75 Backstroke @ 1:30 OR 1:45 OR :10sR

3 x 50 Breaststroke @ 1:10 OR 1:20 OR :10sR

2 x 75 Freestyle @ 1:15 OR 1:25 OR :10sR

MS: 2 Rounds of the Following (1st round Free; 2nd round Choice)**
* On EZ 50s take as much rest as you need

5 x 50 (4 Fast + 1 EZ*) @ 1:00 OR 1:10 OR :10sR

4 x 50 (4 Fast + 1 EZ*) @ 1:00 OR 1:10 OR :10sR

3 x 50 (2 Fast + 1 EZ*) @ 1:00 OR 1:10 OR :10sR

2 x 50 (2 Fast + 1 EZ*) @ 1:00 OR 1:10 OR :10sR

**Masters minute in between rounds

Posted on July 7, 2015 .