10 Ways to Reduce Frontal Drag (from The Race Club)

As readers of this site know, I'm a big fan of The Race Club out of Islamorada, Florida. The group is run by Gary Hall, Sr., an Olympic medalist, doctor, and swimming expert. Every time I read through something they record, write or share, I inevitably learn something new about our ever-changing sport.

Their latest article recounts the 10 ways to reduce frontal drag, which is one of the swimmer's worst enemies.  My favorite part about the 10 ways they describe is that they are ALL DOABLE. Nowhere does it specify you need to have a 6'8" frame, or otherworldly wingspan or crazy equipment. The tips, which include common swim-isms like 'streamlining' and 'pulling with a high elbow' are things that are completely possible for all ranges of swimmers.

Take a read and see where you can improve: The Race Club's 10 Ways to Reduce Frontal Drag