Breaststroke Onward!

Hi, everyone! Thank you for being such an awesome team!  Not too much in the form of updates today, but we continue on with our stroke work to kick-off this Fall/Winter season. We've done a good job of sharpening up our freestyle attributes and worked on backstroke technique, while this week and next we tackle the breaststroke.

As I mentioned in practice, even if you have no intention of ever swimming/competing in the breaststroke, it's always refreshing to use other muscles in other ways than you're used to in your 'comfortable' strokes. Also, whenever I swim a different stroke I inevitably learn something about the way that I'm connecting with the water that I can then apply to my 'favorite' strokes. So, if you're not a breaststroker, just bear with us the next 2 weeks, but actively try to get the most out of it.

On Tuesday, we worked on the breaststroke kick. The kick is unlike the other 3 strokes in that there is NO flutter or dolphin action. The first step, which we practiced, is bringing your heels to your bum. At that point, the feet flex out and snap around into a streamlined glide with pointed toes behind you. Sounds simpler than when it's actually done, but, in essence, that's what we practiced. Key things to keep in mind with a powerful breaststroke kick -

- keep your knees AT MOST at hip width.
- initiate the kick with your heels up to your bum, NOT by bending your knees outward.
- frequent ankle flexibility/stretching exercises can help in the way of being able to bend your feet outwardly more comfortably and effectively.
- Keep your hips high in the water (ride high). You want the effect of swimming downhill, NOT uphill.
- finish your kick! Snap your feet together, don't just lazy-dazy let them float together at the end of the kick.

Tomorrow we'll introduce the arm motion of the breaststroke. Until then, my friends. :)

Posted on September 14, 2016 .