Workout - 09/26/17, Give Those Walls Some Love!

Sometimes you have to take something away in order to appreciate it, such is the case with walls in today's workout. You'll go through several rounds of 200s without walls, turning at the T at the bottom of the pool, self-starting with kicking to get momentum going again. Don't cheat yourself and simply float to the top after the wall-less flip; make the effort to really kick and strive to get going as quickly as possible each opportunity.

w/u - 10 minutes choice

Set #1 - 4 Rounds (or more) of the following:
- 1 x 200 freestyle, NO WALLS @ :15sR
- 8 x 25 kick choice, NO FINS @ :40

Set #2 - 8 x 75 @ 1:15/1:20, WITH FINS
- 25 freestyle/25 on-side BIG FISH KICKS (dolphin with focus on abs)/25 freestyle

c/d - 100 EZ

Posted on September 26, 2017 .