You Get Out What You Put In

Team - We are in the home stretch of 2018, our FIFTH YEAR as a team. I am so happy to have you all greeting me at 5:30am and am proud of all that we have accomplished in our journey as a small squad.

I just wanted to put out a friendly little reminder that you have the chance to get better at every single practice! Does everything have to feel perfect all the time? Not at all! But, we can all choose ONE THING to work on each practice and pursue success in that ONE THING.

It could be something as simple as maintaining streamline off every turn or keeping up a 6-beat kick on the faster sets or hitting the wall with a strong finish every time.

Things like that add up and eventually all the little things add up to a big thing - your happiness and feeling of accomplishment in the pool!

Coach Retta

Posted on October 30, 2018 .