Northern Kentucky Swordfish Masters (NKSM) is proud to be a host site for the inaugural SMARTY PANTS VITAMINS USMS WINTER FITNESS CHALLENGE. The challenge series is great way to reach your fitness goals through the best sport of all: swimming.

We are hosting a 30-minute swim on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22ND AT 5:30AM. We will have warm-ups beginning at 5:30am, with the actual 30-minute swim starting at 5:45am-ish. We will have 7 lanes available and can stagger start times, if needed.

The only rule is that you MUST BE A USMS-registered member. USMS members interested in participating are encouraged to ENTER TODAY. You can register all the way through 02/21 for the event! Additionally, if you are a sprinter or just want to change it up, you can team up with others to make it a relay-type event.

Swimmers who officially register for the event HERE will receive exclusive discounts from USMS partners, sample packs from SmartyPants Vitamins, and a cool event swim cap! The Smarty Pants Vitamins USMS Winter Fitness Challenge also benefits USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation.

Please contact Coach Retta at Loretta.race@gmail.com with any questions on the event.

**Below are FAQ's from USMS regarding the 30-minute swim. NOTE that NKSM as a club will be documenting our times, but there is no 'nationwide' database for results. This event is meant to be a fun fitness challenge. **Additionally, for any NKSM swimmer who doesn't wish to participate (which is TOTALLY FINE!!), you will still have a tasty workout to do that morning. :)

Can my swimmers wear equipment during the swim?

A: Yes, they can wear any equipment they want during the Fitness Series swims. The goal is to get people motivated to train for and complete the challenge with their teammates. For the Winter Fitness Challenge, coaches are encouraged to get creative for their swimmers who might be intimidated by a 30-minute swim. The focus is on achieving the goal, rather than competing for the best time or most distance—there are no competitive rules.

 Q: How do I swim the Challenge as a relay?

A: Structure the relay anyway you like— by time, distance, stroke, skill level, etc. The only requirement is that all swimmers must be registered for the challenge.

Posted on February 2, 2018 .