Introducing Swordfish SWAG!!

As a 'thank you' to our NKSM athletes, as well as a continuing motivator, Coach Retta is pleased to introduce our squad's new incentive program, Swordfish SWAG!!

Beginning on March 1st, swimmers will have a chance to earn awesome gear and fun items to keep you going with your swimming goals! We'll keep tabs on how the program is rolling out on a trial basis, but also don't hesitate to let me know any and all feedback.

Below are the SWAG tiers. Please note that each swimmer will only receive the incentive ONCE per calendar year, unless otherwise noted.

Tiered Incentives:

  • Upon enrollment in Masters Program: USMS Decal

  • Attend your 10th practice after membership: USMS Latex Cap

  • Make 14 practices in a month: USMS Keychain + USMS Latex Cap + decal (if not already owned)

  • Make 15 practices in a month for 2 consecutive months: Microfiber Towel

  • Attend a swim meet: Swim Magnet

  • Achieve best time at meet: USMS T-shirt

  • Achieve National Qualifying Time: USMS Backpack

  • Recruit a person to try out Masters: TYR water bottle

  • Recruit a person who ends up becoming member: Speedo Mesh bag OR similar item

Posted on February 21, 2018 .