"Masters Minute" - You've Earned It!

In practice or conversation, you’ve perhaps heard or seen the term “Masters Minute” and wondered what it meant.  You may have been told different definitions based on whom you’ve asked.  :)  Taking a “Masters Minute” is generally referred to as the 30 second or minute break Masters swimmers sometimes choose to take as an individual in order to rest, catch a breath or regroup during or after a particularly grueling set.

However, I encourage you to embrace the term’s emotional meaning as well!  The phrase “Masters Minute” even includes the word “Masters”, which must mean it’s reserved only for we swimmers who grind away before work, taking care of children, or going about our hectic lives…right?  Yes, at one time in our swimming lives we could grind away at dozens of 100’s on what is probably now our race pace; however, those days are behind most of us and we are now enjoying the next phase of our swim lives.  Most of us are now aimed at improving anywhere we can and HAVING FUN along the way.  We have the luxury of swimming at times we choose, with people we want to be around, and with an organization (USMS) who supports us throughout.  With the multiple facets we juggle daily, asking for a “Masters Minute” here and there is a wonderful reward for the strong passion and mental will we possess to keep going in the sport we all love.

Posted on January 15, 2014 .