McGinnis: 5 Training Tips For Sprinters

As our Masters training is primarily Sprint-focused, please take a moment to read through this highly relevant article from  Here are some highlights I want to drive home to you all:

1.  ”… a sprinter, you need to be extra dialed in to the “boring” details that make up perfecting your race. These include, but are not limited to, tempo, stroke cycles, number of dolphin kicks off the start and turns, and timing of the breakouts.” - NO LAZY TURNS, PEOPLE!  :)

2.  ”In order to get fast you have to train fast, which requires adequate rest and recovery.” - Hence our #USRPT-based 12.5/25/50 training with High-Intensity-Intervals.

3.  ”If you want to be fast you have to train fast. Just a reminder, we’re trying to create an adaptation for speed. ” - YES!  Get your body used to the high intensity, lactic-acid producing effects you will feel within a race.  ADAPT!

Coach Loretta

Posted on June 23, 2014 .